First cloud service to put up on

Cloud VPS Feature:
  1. Instant Setup
  2. Unmetered Bandwidth
  3. Web Management Portal
  4. Speedy Access to China Market
  1. What are the available OS?
    CentOS 5 x86 minimal
    CentOS 6 x64 minimal
    CentOS 5 x64 Virtualmin, LAMP
    CentOS 6 LNMP, ZendGuardLoader
    CentOS 6 x64 Virtualmin, LAMP, ZendGuardLoader
    Debian 7 x64 minimal
    Fedora 20 x64 minimal
    FreeBSD 10 x64 minimal
    Ubuntu 14 x64 minimal
    windows 2008 R2 standard evaluation for 50G or 100G disk
    windows 2008 R2 Enterprise evaluation for 50G or 100G disk
    windows 2012 R2 standard evaluation for 50G

  2. How fast is your setup?
    Usually less than 5 mins with our Cloud Installer.
  3. Do I need to upload my gigabytes of KVM images?
    No, we provide a wide range of prebuilt and RPM updated OS images such as popular Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Our Cloud Installer would just auto-build your VM in minutes for you.
  4. What can I do with your Web Management Portal?
    You can start and stop your VPS, and reinstall your VPS with new pre-built OS images.
  5. Can I upload my own OS images?
    We will add this option in the future. You can also bootstrap your own OS out of existing prebuilt images boot up.
  6. How can I access my VPS once installed?
    You can ssh into it. Once there, you are free to set up your own X11 redirect, VNC server, etc. It's all yours. 
  7. Do you block traffic?
    No. We do not block. By default, the Cloud Installer will configure your VPS's OS built-in firewall (like iptables) with default rules to allow ssh, pop3, http, etc. However, once you're in the VPS with root control, you can absolutely implement your own firewall policy. Your IP assigned will not have any filtering. Your usage is however subject to our Fair Use Policy. 
  8. How many IP's do I have?
    One IP per Cloud VPS.
  9. Do you charge me by bandwidth usage?
    No. We do not, just one flat rate with unmetered data transfer in and out, unlike other cloud providers. This is a big plus when you don't have to worry about a huge bill at month end. 
  10. Why is it that you have China Speed?
    Our network backbone is close to China Internet backbones. Our customers take advantage of this to do better eBiz for China customers. Having said that, our bandwidth is also good for other parts of the world.
  11. Can I ask for refund?
    There is no refund. You can try out our service using the lowest cost plan first before committing on a longer term for better discount.
Any other questions please feel free to contact sales@38cloud.com