1. Are you using Xen or OpenVZ?  We use Linux KVM technology, full virtualization.
  2. Do you support Openvpn, IPSec? Yes. The VM kernel does not restrict installing these software. However, again the activities conducted over the VPN tunnels have to conform to the law of the country where the particular VPS IP is located. Please observe the relevant law of countries that you reach over 38cloud platforms and IP's. In some countries, using VPN to breach country firewall is ILLEGAL and we do NOT allow that.
  3. Do you allow torrent? We don't have any policy over what technologies customer deploy on the VPS, as long as it is legal pertaining the relevant countries laws. 
  4. What is not allowed on 38cloud VPS? Anything that is not legal is NOT allowed, in particular, money laundry, terrorism, crimes, unsolicited mass mailing, international copyright infringement, child pornography, adult pornography without proper checking of user age limit and access, gambling, internet banking like activities without proper licenses, illegal VPN to breach country firewalls, amongst others. Please do consult your legal resources if you are in doubt.
  5. Ping time? That really depends on the route. We use multiple uplinks in different data center locations so the best is for you to try it out with a VPS. Pls also refer to our Speed Test page for the IP's for testing.
  6. How much for additional IP? Pls email us for quote. That also depends on which location of the VPS is in.
  7. Do you give discount to NGO? We offer discounts to annual subscription for all plans. Email to sales@38cloud.com or see our web for new offer.
  8. Do you have a web control panel? Yes, we have, and you can install any of our prebuilt OS images, start and stop the VPS.
  9. How about if I have my own ISO? We can install it for you.
  10. How do you handle customer information? See our privacy policy at end of web page.
  11. Do you allow changing IP after VPS is running? No. Each VPS is dedicated to a fixed IP. 
  12. Do you allow upgrading a VPS without migrating content? Customer needs to order an upgraded VPS and migrate current over, because upgraded VPS comes with a larger disk which will require an OS reinstallation.
  13. How do I access my VPS after order? Via ssh for Linux, and  Remote Desktop for test Windows OS's.
  14. How fast is your instant install of OS prebuilt image? About 10 to 30 mins depending on if it's a 10GB disk or a 50GB disk. Sometimes it can be longer due to system loading.
  15. How do you charge for bandwidth usage? We offer unmetered bandwidth, subject to our Fair Use Policy. "Unmetered" means we do not meter your bandwidth usage and charge you based on how much you use. This is the whole spirit of our flat rate VPS scheme so you always know the maximum you spend a month. As to how much you can eventually transfer, that depends on how many VPS's at the moment are sharing the port. Obviously, higher end VPS (more RAM etc) will mean less VPS's running on the same host, which means higher share of the outgoing port and higher bandwidth throughput in general.
  16. What locations are 38cloud VPS at? We try to provide VPS locations all over the world. 
  17. Can we install our own ISO? You can provide us a link and we download your ISO to install one time for each VPS you order.
  18. How to upgrade from current plan to a better plan? Just order the new plan you desire before expiration of current plan, and then you can migrate the data and app over. If you don't want to do the data migration, AND you don't mind reusing the same disk(s) as the old plan (just the RAM is different), then file a 38cloud support ticket from your 38cloud web control panel, and we can move the old disks to the new VPS for you - ticket pls specify: from which VPS (old VPS ID) to which VPS (new VPS ID). And pls shutdown both VPS. We are not responsible for any loss of data during the disk swap.
  19. Will I always get the same IP address? Is this permanent? -  Each VPS is assigned a dedicated fixed IP. If for reason beyond our control that your VPS's IP has problem, we will need to reassign you to another VPS and unfortunately that means your current VPS content will need to be migrated over manually.
  20. Do you backup our data on VPS? - Unfortunately NO. The price does not include any backup at all, and even an operating VPS might crash and might lose all data. In terms of data recovery, you are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO DO your own backup via rsync or ftp to another VPS. Some customers order another VPS as a warm standby. That's the best bacup/recovery solution.
  21. Can I set to my own reverse DNS FQDN for my assigned IP? - No. We don't do such reverse assignments.
  22. Number of CPU Cores assigned to the VPS? - Our physical nodes are 4 cores or 8 cores; each VPS is assigned to any one of those cores at any instance of time. Higher level plans have more cores upon request.
  23. What is my static IP address settings?  Your IP: ping v038.38cloud.com (if your VID is v038), or nslookup -q=a v038.38cloud.com. ns1.uniforce.net - to find the IP;  Netmask: gateway:  DNS: and Bcast:
  24. I changed IP and rebooted but how come I cannot access my VPS? - OS reboot is not enough. You need to shutdown the VPS, and then go to 38cloud Web Control Panel, and click "Start" to cold start the VPS, and then it will work.
  25. Can I upgrade my VPS plan any time? Yes, please inform us as you need. You may need to pay the upgrade fee by the following formula:
    (New plan price - Current  plan price) * (remaining days / 30)
    e.g. Your current plan is economy monthly and it remains 10 days, you want to upgrade it to economy plus.
    Then the upgrade fee will be ($27.99 - $25.99) * (10 / 30) = $0.66 (USD)
    Please pay directly in Paypal  and pass the payment record to us. We will help you to create a new VPS plan order, backup your VPS image and upgarde the hardware. For next renewal you can normally click "Extend xxx month" link in VPS control panel for your VPS.  (Ask us for PayPal payment info via support ticket please)
  26. When will I get my VPS setup once paid? Few minutes. 38cloud is a fully automated cloud vending machine so to speak:-)
    That means you pick a plan, click order, pay by paypal, and then our system will send you via email logon id and password. You use that to logon www.38cloud.com VPS web portal, and you will see your VPS there (v???.38cloud.com).
    Once there, you can pull down on the web a list of prebuilt OS images (Centos, Ubuntu,.... etc) and click install. Usually less than 15 mins, the install is complete, and then you can "ssh into user1@...." and "su -" into root.
    When you don't like your VPS OS, you can logon again, and click Remove, and Install other OS images as you like any time. You can start/stop/shutdown your VPS at the web control portal.

    Hope this helps. And for technical support, there's a support ticket area you can click into on www.38cloud.com (after logon) and that creates a ticket for our technical team to help you.

  27. How to setup additional IP?
    Let us clarify:
    - Our additional IP goes with eth1, eth2 etc. because it needs a new MAC address
    - eth0:0 sub interface has the same MAC address as eth0, hence it cannot have a new IP address

    The solution is to create a Load Balanced Method in your VPS.
    (The following IP addresses are examples only, please refer to your IP address provided)
    Step 1. ip & gateway list
    eth0 ip :
    eth1 ip :
    eth0 gateway:
    eth1 gateway:

    Step 2. change eth0, eth1 to fix ip

    Step 3. please manually add the following command in your command prompt:
    ip rule add from lookup 200
    ip rule add from lookup 201
    ip route add default via dev eth0 table 200
    ip route add default via dev eth1 table 201
    ip route flush cache

    Then you can confirm your IP route by "ip route show"

  28. Windows Server 2008 System Requirements:
    •Available Disk Space Recommended : 40 GB or above
     Memory Recommended: 2GB RAM or above
  29. How to activate Windows Server 2008 online:
    We provide Windows Server 2008 Evaluation which is not activated version.
    To activate:
    (1) Click on Start > then right click on Computer and click on Properties.
    (2) The System basic information page will open. At the bottom of it, under Windows Activation section, the remaining days from the grace period.
    (3) Click on the link XX days to activate. Activate Windows now  (where XX is the remaining days) or Click on the link you must activate today. Activate Windows now.
    (4) The Windows Activation page will be displayed. Click on Activate Windows online now to start activating your Windows copy.
  30. Why my Windows shut down in every hour?
    Be aware that after it expires, it will shut down in every hour.
    You need to enter your new license key to activate your Windows again.

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