Fair Use Policy

38cloud users will properly use the assigned resources in a fair manner without interfering other users in the same environment, otherwise, 38cloud has every right to regain control of the abused resource from users without prior notice. 38cloud will NOT be liable nor responsible for any customer/user loss of any kind out of this arrangement, and there will NOT be any refund of customer paid fee.

Users of all 38cloud services agree NOT to interfere with other users in an unfair or malicious manner such that other users are not able to receive due level of services. In all 38cloud services, the word "unlimited" refers to an "unmetered" usage, but not without restrictions. 38cloud reserves the right to impose restrictions of various sorts to ensure a fair usage amongst the user community without prior notice, to existing and new users, and upon repeated warnings, suspend and/or terminate offending users.

In particular, the followings are very likely violating 38cloud fair use policy.

  1. streaming
  2. repeatedly sending packets in a tight loop for a prolonged period of time
  3. ping -f
  4. network scanning
  5. spamming causing blocking of IP's
  6. illegal activities
  7. pornography
  8. hacking

Thank you for your cooperation.